Amanda Marcotte: The Pleasure of Sadism Is the Force Behind Conservatism

Originally published on July 6, 2010 at David Horowitz’s NewsReal

Is there any limit to the cruelty of the American conservative? These vicious sadists take great delight in harming people and reveling in their suffering, or so says Amanda Marcotte, noted expert on wha? huh? look over there!

The pleasure of sadism as [sic] always been a driving force behind movement conservatism. They’ve always taken a great deal of pleasure in attacking people’s livelihoods for the hell of it, as I know all too well. They’re [sic] always enjoyed sending a message that those who comfort the afflicted and afflict the powerful should expect pain and even ruin.

All that said, I think there’s a reason to think that sadism for its own sake is on the rise within conservative ranks.

Amanda Marcotte is the editor of the blog Pandagon and author of two books on feminism and progressive politics. Her first book was so “progressive” it had to be reprinted after outraged readers called for a boycott over racially offensive illustrations.

Let’s take a look at how Amanda defines “mindless sadism and cruelty.”

Sadistic and cruel: Conservative bloggers and journalists quoting her writing.

These mindless sadists published examples of Amanda’s religious bigotry, forcing her to resign from her cushy gig as a blogger for John Edwards’ presidential campaign. (Being quoted verbatim is so mean and unfair!)

Not sadistic or cruel: Defending the practice of female genital nicking in the United States.

All they do is prick your genitals, or make a small cut that heals over, but nothing is removed. You’re basically scratching the girl.

Sadistic and cruel: Andrew Breitbart’s offer of a cash reward for the Journolist archive.

Amanda quotes Andrew Sullivan’s condemnation of the power hungry Andrew Breitbarts of the world who “will do all they can to ransack your private life, cull your email in-tray, and use whatever material they have to unleash the moronic hounds of today’s right-wing base.” Hey, maybe she’s onto something. If anyone knows the ransacking of private lives, it’s Andrew Sullivan, cataloger of Sarah Palin’s private email and The Atlantic‘s resident expert in forensic gynecology.

Not sadistic or cruel: Delighting in ruining the lives of the Duke lacrosse players accused of rape.

Sadistic and cruel: The GOP’s opposition to Obamacare.

Republicans hate the poors and will do everything possible to keep them from getting health insurance. (For the sadistic pleasure, natch.)

Not sadistic or cruel: Forcing pro-life Americans to pay for abortions.

Sadistic and cruel: A GOP proposal to fund extended unemployment benefits with stimulus funds.

How dare the Republicans want unemployment benefits to be paid for without printing or borrowing money! This “pure, unadulterated a–holery” is because conservatives think the unemployed are lazy. If the unemployed don’t suffer, how will conservatives soak in bathtubs filled to the brim with the sweet, sweet tears of anguish shed by families in pain?

Not sadistic or cruel: Promoting third trimester abortions for women in psychiatric distress.


Despite her holier-than-thou attitude, thoughtless logic-free rants are typical of Amanda Marcotte’s writing. Her entire oeuvre seeks to demonize dissenting opinion with childish, shallow “explanations” of the conservative mind and malicious falsehoods about the Right.

Even her fellow leftists have noted how ineffective and hypocritical Amanda’s venom-laced screeds tend to be. A reviewer of her book, Get Opinionated, recently wrote:

Marcotte says that to counter anti-government histrionics from conservatives progressives need to put forth “positive, truth-based counter-arguments to raise people’s consciousness.” If only Get Opinionated practiced what it preaches.

Amanda Marcotte will never be an honest opponent concerned with truth-based arguments. She’s just another Alex Jones of the “progressive” blogosphere, a lying demagogue feeding her audience pre-digested hokum to nourish them with the validation they desperately crave. Like Alex Jones, she’s happy to peddle lies and conspiracy theories about the Right because it pays the bills and cements her status as Eternal Victim of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

As Amanda and Alex have discovered, hawking the absurd theory that deceitful wingnuts are trying to destroy your livelihood for sadistic thrills can always be counted on for a bit of Web traffic. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt to add that conservatives are all evil Bushco worshipers who hate freedom. And puppies.

Stirring up hateful resentment of the opposition might not be honest work, but stop thinking like a cruel and sadistic conservative. Professional buffoons need jobs too.


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