Obama: Reports of Hope and Change Are Greatly Exaggerated

Hope? Change? Not so much.

Team Obama is busily preparing to dash his supporters’ hope for change should he win the presidential election on Tuesday. Even in the final days before the election, the pressure to deliver on his lofty promises has Obama attempting to dampen expectations on the campaign trail:

“The first hundred days is going to be important, but it’s probably going to be the first thousand days that makes the difference,” he said. He has also been reminding crowds in recent days how “hard” it will be to achieve his goals, and that it will take time.

“I won’t stand here and pretend that any of this will be easy – especially now,” Mr Obama told a rally in Sarasota, Florida, yesterday, citing “the cost of this economic crisis, and the cost of the war in Iraq.”

This should be a huge wakeup call to any voters who remain undecided.  Hope and change are on backorder.  Barack Obama is scaling back his resplendent rhetoric because it has been empty rhetoric. He is a demagogue whose promises of hope are as fraudulent as his fundraising operation. Whether or not you find inspiration in his message, understand that Barack Obama cannot and will not deliver positive change. Can unfulfilled hope sustain you and your family for the next four years?

I won’t make false promises that a McCain administration will someday inspire unparalleled awe and reverence in historians. His presidency will revolve around the decidedly unsensational task of cleaning up inherited messes, and he isn’t likely to provoke tingly exhilaration in crowds. But all evidence indicates that John McCain is a man of his word who loves his country with breathtaking intensity and unwavering devotion. He is a man of honor who doesn’t need need an Olympian backdrop to lend gravity to his words or an embellished resume to inflate his experience.

Only one candidate has told the truth about the state of the union and the challenges we face. When Barack Obama spoke of hope and change, he was blowing smoke. When John McCain says he’ll put country first, he means it.

Confessions of a Paid Astroturfer

A woman who says she’s a paid member of the Obama marketing team shared the campaign’s astroturfing strategy in an anonymous email to HillBuzz. I can’t vouch for the credibility of the emailer, but it certainly jibes with my observations of the leftroots strategy.

The internal campaign idea is to twist, distort, humiliate and finally dispirit you.

We pay people and organize people to go to all the online sites and “play the part of a clinton or mccain supporter who just switched our support for obama”

We do this to stifle your motivation and to destroy your confidence.

We did this the whole primary and it worked.

Sprinkle in mass vote confusion and it becomes bewildering. Most people lose patience and just give up on their support of a candidate and decide to just block out tv, news, websites, etc.

This surprisingly has had a huge suppressing movement and vote turnout issues.

Next, we infiltrate all the blogs and all the youtube videos and overwhelm the voting, the comments, etc. All to continue this appearance of overwhelming world support.

People makes posts to the effect that the world has “gone mad”

Thats the intention. To make you feel stressed and crazy and feel like the world is ending.

Wrangled by strategist David Axelrod, the Axelturfers also did their best to skew polls in favor of Obama. The tipster also told HillBuzz, “There is a huge staff of people working around the clock, watching every site, blogs, etc. We flood these sites. We have had a goal to overwhelm.”

If you have a political blog (or lurk or comment on one), then you’re already familiar with this artificial grassroots movement. The email confession is far from shocking, and in many ways just confirms what we already know. But how will the right use this information?

Many writers on the right side of the blogosphere have weighed the relationship between bloggers and the GOP, and have found it wanting at best. The rightroots movement, if it can be said to exist at all, is extremely disorganized and consequently, ineffective in contributing to the success of Republican campaigns.

Undoubtedly there will be a wealth of discussion in the coming months about how the right must respond to a well-developed leftroots operation. This discussion will focus on technological organization and how we can leapfrog past the left and beat them at their own game. Further attention will be paid to the development of alternative news sources that counter the bias of the mainstream media. But there are also some questions that need to be asked that will strike many as distasteful. Can we beat the left by always taking the high road? Are we willing to employ the sleazy tactics of the Obama campaign? Is it necessary (or desirable) to serve our candidates by playing dirty while they keep their boots clean?

I don’t know the answers yet, but I have my suspicions.

Your Plans For Tonight

In less than an hour, Barack Obama’s thirty minute infomercial will air on NBC, CBS, and Fox. The three million dollar media buy also includes air time on Univision, MSNBC, BET and TV One.

This extravagant prime time broadcast will be funded, in part, by a fraudulent donation racket deliberately facilitated by Team Obama.

Take a stand tonight. Use your remote control to show the country and the world that the American people are sickened by Barack Obama’s campaign finance fraud. We’re not interested in another half hour of carefully scripted pablum. Let his campaign know that we’re not buying what they’re selling, even if the Shamwow guy himself offers up an endorsement.

Barack Obama can slice and dice pineapples in mid air or guarantee a sleigh full of confidence and a sack full of pride, but it won’t matter. You see, people buy infomercial products knowing that they have the Better Business Bureau, the FTC, and their credit card companies to protect them from fraud. But Americans know that their votes are the only things to protect them from an Obama administration.

So tonight, show your support for John McCain by NOT tuning in to one of the seven channels airing Obama’s As Seen On TV Extravaganza. ( I promise you’ll be able to catch it on the Internet later, or you can check out Michelle Malkin’s live blog of the Obama variety half hour.)

Instead, take the thirty minutes between 8pm and 8:30pm eastern time to join John McCain’s voter-to-voter phone bank. Come on, you know you have at least thirty unused cell phone minutes this month, so make a few calls to Ohio or Pennsylvania and help get out the vote.

Leave the infomercials to Chef Tony and Ron Popeil.

How to Explain Wealth Redistribution to a Kid

Bill Dyer, aka Beldar, helps his daughter understand what it really means to redistribute to others what one has worked hard to earn.

“What will probably be your best grade?” I asked.

“Guitar,” she said, “That will probably be a 97 or a 98.”

“Cool,” I said. “You really have been successful. But I think you should tell your Guitar teacher that you want to give six or seven of those points to some of your classmates who haven’t practiced so hard or don’t have the talent you have.”

She looked up at me, startled. “What?”

“That class is easy for you, and you have lots more points than you need for an A. They need those points more than you do,” I explained.

“Then they should have worked harder!” she protested.

Read Bill’s full conversation with his daughter at Townhall.com.  I think he might even convince her to give up her Barack Obama lunchbox sticker!

Spoiler Alert: Presidential Election Winner Declared

Barack Obama has won the election and will become the 44th president of the United States in January.

So sayeth the editors of The New Mexico Sun News. More than a week before the presidential election, the liberal paper published an article declaring Obama the winner.

The papers are popular because of the headline. It reads “Obama Wins!”

The admittedly left-leaning publication is calling the election a week early because it supports Obama and because the bi-monthly paper will not be published again until well after the election.

The article does, however, remind all people to vote even though, in their words, “(They) did spoil the ending for you.”

Congratulations to The Sun News for hatching a short-sighted plot to improve their circulation for a single issue. They can’t keep the papers on the stands and It’s just as well. New Mexicans will need something to line their hamster cages next week.

Free Elisabeth Hasselbeck!

When the McCain campaign sequestered Sarah Palin from the mainstream media immediately after her stellar national debut, they received a well deserved skewering by conservative commentators who pleaded with her handlers to free Sarah Palin, to let her be authentic and unrestrained. After watching Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s performance at a Palin rally last weekend, I hope her agent will heed the same advice: Free Elisabeth!

YouTube Preview Image

And here’s some further proof that Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a force to be reckoned with: feminists are blaming the speech for filling their minds with violent thoughts and driving them to hit the bottle. Seriously, read the comments at Jezebel.

Do I want more Elisabeth unleashed?  Hell yeah, but let’s skip the usual side order of tiresome clucking hens doing their damnedest to drown out Elisabeth’s sharp and sassy wit.

Let Elisabeth be Elisabeth.

Hat tip: Weekly Standard Blog

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