Jim DeMint’s Phony Federalism

Sen. Jim DeMint on federalism (May 2, 2009):

We can argue about how to rein in the federal Leviathan; but we should agree that centralized government infringes on individual liberty and that problems are best solved by the people or the government closest to them.

Freedom Republicanism is about choice — in education, health care, energy and more. It’s OK if those choices look different in South Carolina, Maine and California.

Sen. Jim DeMint on federalism (December 14, 2009):

“Marriage is a religious institution. The federal government has no business redefining what it is,” DeMint says. This is one issue where he doesn’t support states’ rights; state government shouldn’t have the right to permit gay marriage: “Governments should not be in the business of promoting a behavior that’s proven to be destructive to our society.”

DeMint’s ideas about federalism are schizophrenic at best.

In the first quote, DeMint takes a principled stance on limiting the role of the federal government.  In the second, he advocates a values-dependent brand of state sovereignty, a system of government in which powers not delegated to the United States are reserved to red states. At least if gay marriage is involved.

Note to Jim DeMint:  The road to hypocrisy is paved with fair weather federalism.

Jim DeMint: A Voice of Reason on the Bailout

Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) opposes the bailout and voted his conscience in the Senate on Wednesday. DeMint has a solid history of fiscal conservatism that includes leading the charge against pork barrel spending in the Senate. His speech on the Senate floor was a welcome voice of reason amidst the pervasive fear mongering:

I don’t agree with Jim DeMint on some social issues, but on this he’s spot on. Let’s hope he’s working the phones to convince his colleagues in the House that the bailout bill can’t go forward in its current iteration.

Deliberations continue in the House today. Contact as many Representatives as you can to let them know that Americans of all political persuasions oppose the bailout. Michelle Malkin has contact info for every House GOP member who voted “No” on Monday.