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Feminist Hawk

In addition to writing for David Horowitz’s NewsReal Blog, I’m also contributing to a recently launched sub-blog called The Feminist Hawks’ Nest.  Here are some of my most recent posts (which I know I’ve been terrible about linking to):

The Sleep-Deprived Housewives of Victimhood County

Feminism: The Masquerade

Arrest of Duke Rape Accuser Exposes the Left’s Insincerity & Lies

Here’s an explanation of the Feminist Hawk concept from NRB editor David Swindle:

What does it mean to be a Feminist Hawk? Why do we use that term? The meme originates in a single issue: Islamofascist misogyny. This New York Times article identified David Horowitz and FrontPage Magazine as examples of Feminist Hawks. According to the Times‘ piece to be a Feminist Hawk was to take a hardline on Islamist regimes because of the Muslim world’s mistreatment of women. The Godmother of Feminist Hawkdom, Dr. Phyllis Chesler, was unfortunately not mentioned — an unacceptable injustice akin to ignoring Albert Einstein were one talking about physics — though she wrote about it here in a must-read essay which further defined the term. Robert Spencer, another crucial figure in this developing movement, also blogged about it here and listed numerous articles he’d written on the subject.

Here at NRB we want this to only be the starting point, though for what it means to be a Feminist Hawk. To be a Femininst Hawk is not only to champion this vital cause but also to adopt a style and an attitude. Feminist Hawks are confident, aggressive, and confrontational. They fight and will not be bullied. And our Feminist Hawk superheroine is meant to both symbolize and inspire these sentiments.

The Feminist Hawks’ Nest won’t focus exclusively (or even primarily) on Islamic gender apartheid. The idea is that the contributors embody the Feminist Hawk spirit no matter what they’re writing about, be it reality show antics, Alinskyite political tactics, or faux feminism.

Big thanks to Bosch Fawstin for an outstanding job on the Feminist Hawk graphics, and Dr. Phyllis Chesler for being kind enough to promote The Feminist Hawks’ Nest on her Chesler Chronicles blog.

Link Dump: ’70s Sex, Evil in a Diaper, iPad, & More

First, the self-promotion (because that’s how I roll.) My latest posts for David Horowitz’s NewsReal Blog:

Other odds and ends from around the Web:

Post-racial senility: “I forgot he was black tonight for an hour.”

Miracle: A teen girl was found alive 15 days after the earthquake devastated Haiti.

Edumacation: Presenting Mayan math, part of the trendy new ethno-mathematics curriculum.

Evil: In a diaper.

Palestinian wife-beating: Lancet blames it on the Jews.

Cthulhu: From a skein of yarn.

Feminism fail: Christina Hoff Sommers says Western feminists’ neglect the plight of Muslim women. (An oldie, but goodie.)

Pwnage: Jonah Goldberg offers a delightful fisking of his unhinged critics at the History News Network after discovering their attempts to discredit his bestselling book Liberal Fascism.  NRO has a brief overview of their vicious attacks.

Out: Vaginas, In: Teenage girls: Eve Ensler’s new monologues.

A republic, if you can keep it: The United States is “ungovernable” by design.

iPad: Everyone wants to rag on Apple’s iPad, but they’re not taking the time to absorb the news and really let it soak in.