How to Respond to a New York Times Interview Request

Jayson Blair, fraudster

This is how it’s done:

Mr. O’Keefe declined several interview requests, and Mr. Wetmore responded wordlessly to an e-mail message by sending photographs of Jayson Blair, a reporter for The New York Times who resigned after admitting to plagiarism and fabrication.

No wonder James O’Keefe considers Ben Wetmore a mentor.

Link Dump: ’70s Sex, Evil in a Diaper, iPad, & More

First, the self-promotion (because that’s how I roll.) My latest posts for David Horowitz’s NewsReal Blog:

Other odds and ends from around the Web:

Post-racial senility: “I forgot he was black tonight for an hour.”

Miracle: A teen girl was found alive 15 days after the earthquake devastated Haiti.

Edumacation: Presenting Mayan math, part of the trendy new ethno-mathematics curriculum.

Evil: In a diaper.

Palestinian wife-beating: Lancet blames it on the Jews.

Cthulhu: From a skein of yarn.

Feminism fail: Christina Hoff Sommers says Western feminists’ neglect the plight of Muslim women. (An oldie, but goodie.)

Pwnage: Jonah Goldberg offers a delightful fisking of his unhinged critics at the History News Network after discovering their attempts to discredit his bestselling book Liberal Fascism.  NRO has a brief overview of their vicious attacks.

Out: Vaginas, In: Teenage girls: Eve Ensler’s new monologues.

A republic, if you can keep it: The United States is “ungovernable” by design.

iPad: Everyone wants to rag on Apple’s iPad, but they’re not taking the time to absorb the news and really let it soak in.

Live Mocking the State of the Union Address

I’ll be tweeting the State of the Union address tonight. Please follow along on Twitter and help me mock President Obama’s attempts to win back the public trust by blaming Booooosh!!!!

Oh, and do yourself a favor: don’t play any of the State of the Union drinking games that require you to take a drink every time President AllAboutMe says “I” or “me.” Your liver will thank you.

Jon Stewart Doesn’t Need a Weatherman

He knows exactly which way the wind blows.

The result? Comedy gold as Jon Stewart rips Keith Olbermann to shreds over his bizarre rants against Scott Brown. Man, I love me some hot blue-on-blue action. Seriously, watch the whole thing.

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h/t Lori Ziganto

Martha Coakley: Victim of the Patriarchy?

My piece at NewsReal today examines the inclination of some feminist writers to immediately blame sexism for Martha Coakley’s loss to Scott Brown.

There are facts, and then there are feminist facts.  Here’s an example:

Fact: Scott Brown is a white male who drives a pickup truck and won the Massachusetts special election.

Feminist fact: Scott Brown won the Massachusetts special election because he’s a white male who drives a pickup truck.

Can’t you picture the GMC warning labels? Caution: you’re driving a tool of the phallocracy.

You can read the rest at NewsReal.

Boiling the entire Coakley/Brown race down to gender bias is not only shallow, disingenuous political analysis, but it deprives women candidates of the ability to sink or swim on their own merits.  Of course, that hasn’t stopped others from piling on with variations on the sexism theme.

In addition to the examples cited in my NewsReal piece, a POLITICO article about the “impenetrable” glass ceiling in Massachusetts decried “how mind-bending the gender dynamics in this campaign were.”  And in The Daily Beast, James Carroll wrote that “Martha Coakley was croaked by an electorate that could not get past her gender” in “Misogynist Massachusetts.”

When gender disparity is your bread and butter, that’s what an election post-mortem looks like.  So I was pleasantly surprised to see a smarter, saner analysis of Coakley’s loss at Salon’s Broadsheet:

But, as a lefty feminist, I’m calling B.S.  It isn’t so simple, and suggesting otherwise is dangerous.

It takes willful blindness to argue that Coakley’s loss was chiefly the result of anything other than a crappy campaign.

Clearly Coakley didn’t lose because she was the female candidate.  But her crappy campaign wasn’t the biggest factor either.  She lost because she represented everything the majority of Massachusetts residents detest about the Democrats’ agenda. And she lost because immoral, politically motivated decisions she made as a prosecutor came back to haunt her.

So does Massachusetts have a problem electing women to office?

The Commonwealth ranks 18th in electing women to positions in the state legislature. That leaves room for improvement, but it hardly merits the “Misogynist Massachusetts” slur.  And crying sexism because the better man wasn’t a woman is simply counterproductive.

NewsReal Blog, Now with More Jenn Q. Public (and a little S.E. Cupp)

As a refugee from blue state academia, I have a lot of admiration for David Horowitz and his relentless campaign to awaken Americans to the truth about social justice, campus indoctrination, and the intolerant Left.  That’s why I’m excited to announce I’ve been invited to contribute to David Horowitz’s NewsReal Blog.

A Feminist Girl Crush on S.E. Cupp? is my first NewsReal post.  Here’s a taste:

What could possibly make conservative commentator S.E. Cupp palatable to the feminist Left? After all, the feminist playbook is pretty clear: women who appear on Fox News are gender traitors. End of story.

And yet, sandwiched between a primer on the festive art of “vajazzling” and an ode to “populist hero” Scott Ritter, Salon’s Broadsheet blog offers up a Google-fueled profile of S.E. Cupp that manages to be only mildly contemptuous.

Please visit NewsReal Blog to read the whole thing, and if you have a moment, leave a comment so they don’t kick me to the curb on my first day.

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