Prop 8 Protests Still Ineffective When Set to Music

Shocking, I know, but as it turns out, song and dance doesn’t make shallow caricatures of religious people any more palatable. I really wanted to like Prop 8: The Musical, but even Neil Patrick Harris couldn’t redeem this video from Funny or Die.

While a musical protest of the Prop 8 outcome is certainly preferable to death threats, vandalism, and violence, I’m disappointed that the most vocal supporters of gay marriage still don’t understand that crapping all over Christians isn’t the way to change minds.

Prop 8: The Musical portrays Christians as thugs and hypocrites who will happily lie to themselves and others if it will prevent same-sex marriage. “If it works then we don’t care,” they sing. Is it really so difficult to understand that demonizing people for their religious beliefs is divisive and counterproductive? The cause would be better served by shelving the impulsive lashing out so that energies can be focused on analyzing why the “No on 8” campaign failed. Clearly it’s time for a new strategy, and here’s a hint: attacking Mormons? Not so persuasive.

Brad Garrett, Racist Obama Supporter

Is anyone else sick to death of people who act like a vote for Obama absolves them from all past, present, and future charges of racism?

During a Monday appearance, Brad Garrett gleefully offended just about everyone on Fox and Friends during the After Show Show broadcast live on the Web. His rant targeted everyone from blacks to women to Jews. But then he revealed he’s an Obama supporter so it’s cool, right? See for yourself:

YouTube Preview Image

No matter who Brad Garrett votes for, he’s still a racist cretin.

Found via Hot Air’s headlines.

Updated 9/16/08 to replace video that was no longer available from Viddler with a YouTube clip.

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