Required Reading: Proud to be a Republican

Liberals often promote the idea that they have a monopoly on inclusivity and acceptance, while the GOP is the party of homophobia, racism, sexism, and a host of other -isms. It’s a myth I bought into for an embarrassingly long time, a myth that contributes to the inability of the GOP to appeal to more blue staters.

B. Daniel Blatt of GayPatriot has written a piece for the Washington Blade that should be required reading for liberals. In Proud to be a Republican, he describes how his experience as an openly gay republican at the RNC helped him confirm that “it’s easier to be openly gay among conservatives than it is to be openly conservative among gays.”

Lately I’ve been somewhat disheartened by my own skepticism about the existence of a big tent, but B. Daniel Blatt’s account of how he was received at the Convention gives me hope and makes me proud to be a Republican.

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