I’m a Fiend at Heart

Misfits Fiend ClubOkay, confession time. At some point in my youth, it’s entirely possible that I thought I was pretty hardcore with my Misfits Fiend Club button fastened to my black leather MC.  And I just might have spent hours on end combing through used record stores for additions to my collection of The Misfits on vinyl.

The Misfits are still my favorite band of all time, so I’m excited that Bobby Steele, one of the first guitarists for The Misfits, is now writing for Parcbench.  And not only that, he’s conservative on health care.

It’s like Halloween in February!

Anyway, check out Bobby Steele’s piece on health care reform, and how his childhood experiences as a spina bifida patient gave him firsthand insight into the insurance and medical industries.

This fangirl moment has now concluded.


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