Jim DeMint: A Voice of Reason on the Bailout

Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) opposes the bailout and voted his conscience in the Senate on Wednesday. DeMint has a solid history of fiscal conservatism that includes leading the charge against pork barrel spending in the Senate. His speech on the Senate floor was a welcome voice of reason amidst the pervasive fear mongering:

I don’t agree with Jim DeMint on some social issues, but on this he’s spot on. Let’s hope he’s working the phones to convince his colleagues in the House that the bailout bill can’t go forward in its current iteration.

Deliberations continue in the House today. Contact as many Representatives as you can to let them know that Americans of all political persuasions oppose the bailout. Michelle Malkin has contact info for every House GOP member who voted “No” on Monday.


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  1. Judy on October 2nd, 2008 1:17 pm

    God bless Jim DeMint! What a wonderful, true speech! So right on!!!
    Thank you for sharing this.
    This bill has so much pork, socialized medicine, everything they couldn’t pass without this bill has been stuck in this bill.

  2. texmexgal on October 2nd, 2008 4:10 pm

    I emailed Senator DeMint to thank him for standing up for sane fiscal principles. Unlike most others he voted for sanity!

  3. David on October 2nd, 2008 4:47 pm

    I think this is the end of capitalism

  4. Rachael on October 3rd, 2008 12:02 pm

    Dancing With The Stars

    Are we really in a credit crunch? That depends on who is talking and with whom they are talking. To the consumer, media are calling it a “credit crunch,” but between those in the corporate sector, the buzzword, of late, is “debt management.” And it is not from a credit crunch, but from an impending global debt crisis. (The credit fluff is for the consumer ignorant!)
    In order to make things clearer to the ordinary voter, “The Debt Game” can best be summed up in this analogy:
    There once were a group of people, gathered at a table to feast and gorge themselves. The more they ate the more they wanted. Since they spent most of their time gorging and not enough “producing,” they quickly were operating at a deficit. Yut no one noticed, as the feast continued, and they danced about the table, getting up from their chairs, dancing with glee, drunk from “the goodies.”
    However, as they danced, feasted and “produced” little in compensation…chairs were being quietly pulled from the table, unnoticed by the drunken guests. Chairs pulled away as compensation for the feast. The music was loud enough to distract (which is what the people really wanted anyway, a distraction from “real life” to feed their “silly-soccer mom-joe-six-pack blind egos.”)
    After a time, the chairs became so few, one drunken guest said aloud, “Hey, has anyone noticed that there may not be enough chairs for us to continue at the table to feast?” Another guest turned the music down just a little, to hear him repeat his question. Yet no one gave it much thought, thinking someone would return them (little did they know it was the same “boogey man” who stole our global security in the Iraq war.)
    More time lapsed, and then others began to notice more and more…and the music got, lower and lower…and then the gleeful, ego-satiated faces change to a realistic hue of shock, then fear. Then each thought how they could carefully “sit down” without triggering others to race to their dimishiing “musical chair seats.” It became a manipulative game of cat and mouse. Some targeted those that looked a bit “uninformed” or even “unintelligent.” There was Silly-Soccer-Sally, quickly targeted along with Joey-Six-Pack by others more clever. The clever bunch of 3: C-Congressolina Senata House, E-vil Pauly-Son and O- ily, Bushy George (though dumber than the other two, had association with them enough to keep him in the triumvirate.), known secretly as CEO, devised a way to get others away from the chairs…leaving them with nothing. They decided to tell them “confidently” that they heard the chairs were being cleaned, and then began to talk about all the “goodies” on the table, and how “the feeding” would continue soon. They went on to compliment Sally and Joey on their dancing about, and fancied how good they would look if they danced together…eventually, they (mostly the two, as Oily was busy picking brown scale off his nose, trying to figure out just what he ate that created that!) got them to dance away from “The Table of The Great Feast of Egos” and when they did all greedy guests, including “Credit Card Carry,” “House-Flipper Flint,” Sarah Palin (name is already a funny on the national scene and needs no play there!), and “Sponge Bob Empty Wallet of Plastic” quickly closed ranks tightening the line around the table… Sally and Joey, of the clan, “McTaxplayer,” were allowed to then sit on the bottom rung of the feast…the floor, waiting for scraps, similar to the brown scale left on Oily’s nose….
    As the feast continued all tried to outplay each other in their quest to be King of “The Debt Management Game.” And though winners would be few, there were no other choices in sight, for the “music of distraction” had died long ago…bye, bye Miss American Pie…”and three men headed for the Coast, The Father, Son and Holy Ghost…THE DAY THE MUSIC DIED.” (now perhaps you finally know what the song means!)
    Where are you in that…like the line from the movie, “War Games,” the Defense Department’s central computer, in an effort to win the computer game (which was actually real Global Thermo-Nuclear -pronounced NOOK-LEE-UR…George and Sarah-War) finally, upon playing out all silly options, said to his creator, “Interesting game doctor, the only way to win is not to play the game!
    People, stupid Illusion-filled people,iIt is all about managing debt right now, as the music has stopped, the jig is up, and only the stupidest will be lying on the floor saying, “I can’t believe this is happening.” (as they look at their empty-tanked SUV’s outside, and wondering if it really mattered when it was full.)
    Don’t believe me? Read today’s (10-03-08) Wall Street Journal…
    1. P A2 Fresh Data Show Economy Worsening…Sally and Joey are buying some Depends.
    2. P A4 France Adds Emergency Measures
    a. 20 billion aid to economy
    b. Govt. buying 30,000 unsold, even half built homes
    c. French govt. most debt in EU (European Union)
    NOTE: Germany, the same government that presses for the U.S. economic Bailout (‘scuse me “Rescue”…there does that make the pipe go in easier?) is against France’s push for the EU to grant a similar one…as they dance around “The Table of The Great Feast of Egos.”
    3. P A12 Korea feels Credit Pinch, Woes Spread in Asia…”Two men I admire most…heading away from the Asian coast (not just because of the excessive pollution either!)….”
    4. P A12 Spain’s Unemployment Rate Jumped as economy slowed…music volume going down…noticing that?

    Seems that “Global-Terminal-NoCredit War “is playing its silly game out…without any background music.
    Do you really think a 700 billion dollar “Rescue” (best said with intonation equaling Subway’s “EAT FRESH commercial.”) is going to alter “Dance about The Table of Greed” when the music is no longer distracting many now? The U.S. consumer market is 30% of the global economy, and a big problem, sure…but not the only one. (Read the Wall Street Journal, call the local library and ask for directions.)
    This “Rescue” is really about pushing people away from “The Table of Declining Chairs,” forcing them to sit out on the cold floor with a lump of bank notes that say “IOU” (really means “Idiot Out and Underfunded”). Forget about your 401K’s right now…the players have not finished the game to its end yet.
    If you put your head in the sand, it places your butt-deposit clear into the air, making you a prime target for large players to manipulate you with “the corporate carrot that your illusions are safe” if only…if only…you step away from the table…and let them put a nice little sack on your lap.
    While “Global-Terminal-No-Credit War” continues playing its silly game out, it must find the weakest ones to exploit, and dump the “Credit Crunch Cereal Box o’ Debt IOU’s” right on their laps (or in their deposit “boxes.” Those countries, people with the most “Debt Crunchies” will experience the most anguish.
    If you wish not to be such a country, voice your concerns NOW…the House of Reps is for sale for CEO’s vote NOW…If you stick your head in the sand…fine with them…they will just shove that “Bag O’ IOU’s “into your “visible” deposit slot. You are hurting yourselves, and others like you when you do this.
    If you wish to help your individual situation, cut up your plastic, live below your means, and rethink what your life is all about…if it is “consumerism-as-religion” you are a ghost of a silly future, soon to become present.
    Deepen such a silly life, voice, vote, cut-the –fat and live…or just sit back, head in sand, bon-bons in mouth…and hope “The Boogey Man” is really the bad guy, not the messenger, and C.E.O . is the Second Coming of Christ.
    Do nothing, expect nothing, become nothing.

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