Link Dump: ’70s Sex, Evil in a Diaper, iPad, & More

First, the self-promotion (because that’s how I roll.) My latest posts for David Horowitz’s NewsReal Blog:

Other odds and ends from around the Web:

Post-racial senility: “I forgot he was black tonight for an hour.”

Miracle: A teen girl was found alive 15 days after the earthquake devastated Haiti.

Edumacation: Presenting Mayan math, part of the trendy new ethno-mathematics curriculum.

Evil: In a diaper.

Palestinian wife-beating: Lancet blames it on the Jews.

Cthulhu: From a skein of yarn.

Feminism fail: Christina Hoff Sommers says Western feminists’ neglect the plight of Muslim women. (An oldie, but goodie.)

Pwnage: Jonah Goldberg offers a delightful fisking of his unhinged critics at the History News Network after discovering their attempts to discredit his bestselling book Liberal Fascism.  NRO has a brief overview of their vicious attacks.

Out: Vaginas, In: Teenage girls: Eve Ensler’s new monologues.

A republic, if you can keep it: The United States is “ungovernable” by design.

iPad: Everyone wants to rag on Apple’s iPad, but they’re not taking the time to absorb the news and really let it soak in.


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