Spoiler Alert: Presidential Election Winner Declared

Barack Obama has won the election and will become the 44th president of the United States in January.

So sayeth the editors of The New Mexico Sun News. More than a week before the presidential election, the liberal paper published an article declaring Obama the winner.

The papers are popular because of the headline. It reads “Obama Wins!”

The admittedly left-leaning publication is calling the election a week early because it supports Obama and because the bi-monthly paper will not be published again until well after the election.

The article does, however, remind all people to vote even though, in their words, “(They) did spoil the ending for you.”

Congratulations to The Sun News for hatching a short-sighted plot to improve their circulation for a single issue. They can’t keep the papers on the stands and It’s just as well. New Mexicans will need something to line their hamster cages next week.


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