The Fat Lady Has Laryngitis

Last week all I heard about was the end of conservatism and the dawn of a liberal supermajority, and I’ve had enough.

Let’s start the week off right with a few reminders that this election ain’t over yet. Is the presidential race tight? Hell yes it is, but Joe the Plumber and his running mates John McCain and Sarah Palin can pull this off. We’re still on the road to victory, and the Republican ticket has plenty of fight left.

The PUMAs are some of John McCain’s most dedicated allies, and their optimism is not only commendable, but let’s face it, inspirational. A HillBuzz blogger gives us swing state hope and says, Trust us: Ohio will go to McCain. And don’t forget, the PUMAs have used their influence to help lull Obama supporters into a false sense of security by misleading pollsters about their voting intentions.

Even though the PUMAs are skewing the polls in Obama’s favor, a four-day tracking poll by Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby was released Sunday and shows The One is leading by only 3 points. With the 2.9 point margin of error, that’s a dead heat.

Of course, history shows that McCain and Palin still have plenty of time to surge ahead of the Dem ticket. 16 days before the 2004 election, Kerry held a 53 to 43 percent lead among likely voters in 13 battleground states. James Piereson also reminds us that history cautions against pessimism at this stage of the game.

If you need a daily dose of election optimism coated in satire and dipped in chuckles, I hope you’re visiting Jim Treacher’s blog. If you’d like to thank him, he accepts oral sex donations via a sidebar link. Apparently my first dude isn’t keen on sharing my talents, so all Jim gets from me is this lousy link.


2 Responses to “The Fat Lady Has Laryngitis”

  1. Jim Treacher on October 20th, 2008 2:08 pm


    Seriously, thank you very much. And it sure as hell ain’t over just because they say it is. “Stay home on election day, McCain supporters. What makes you think you can stand in our way?” I got what makes me think so right here.

  2. Jenn Q. Public on October 21st, 2008 2:10 am

    You’re welcome, Jim, and damn straight we can stand in their way. We don’t need to wallow in what Peggy Noonan says or who Christopher Buckley endorses – they don’t speak for most Americans, they speak at them. It may very well be the eve of the inauguration before John McCain is declared the winner, but I have faith that he will be.

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